At Clínica del Pie Navia we offer a biomechanical gait analysis to analyze the way you walk and detect potential health issues related to your gait. Our specialized team uses advanced technology to assess the biomechanics of your feet and provide personalized solutions to enhance your health and well-being.

Biomechanical study of the lower extremities.

  1. Detailed Gait Analysis:

    We use cutting-edge tools to conduct a detailed analysis of the way you walk, identifying biomechanical imbalances that may cause discomfort or injuries.
  2. Weight Distribution Study:

    We evaluate how weight is distributed on your feet during walking to better understand the load on biomechanical structures.
  3. Custom Orthopedic Insole Design:

    Based on the results, we create custom orthopedic insoles to correct imbalances, improve alignment, and prevent future issues.
  4. Footwear Recommendations:

    We provide guidance on suitable footwear based on your biomechanics, ensuring optimal support and reducing the risk of injuries.

Pain in knees, heels and forefoot?

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