Custom insoles

Discover Clínica del Pie Navia. At our center, we design orthotic insoles tailored to your individual needs. Using advanced technology and professional expertise, we create insoles that correct misalignments and improve walking posture. Our aim is to provide comfort and support, reducing pain and enhancing mobility. Improve your quality of life with our customized insoles. Contact us today for more information.

Residential Reforms

  1. Advanced Biomechanical Analysis:

    We use cutting-edge tools to analyze the way you walk, evaluating the alignment and weight distribution on your feet.
  2. Accurate Diagnosis:

    Our specialists interpret the biomechanical analysis data to provide an accurate diagnosis of any irregularities in your gait.
  3. Design of Custom Orthopedic Insoles:

    Based on the results of the study, we create personalized orthotic insoles to correct imbalances and improve the functionality of your feet.
  4. Footwear Recommendations:

    We offer guidance on the appropriate footwear according to your type of stride, ensuring optimal support and reducing the likelihood of injury.

Come get a footprint analysis

Thank you for considering Clínica del Pie Navia for your foot care needs! If you suffer from knee, heel, or forefoot pain, we invite you to undergo a gait analysis. This painless treatment corrects your gait without harming other structures, alleviating those troublesome pains.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment:

You can email us from our contact section or call us at (+34) 634 656 392.

We are ready and delighted to offer you our expert podiatry assistance!

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